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Jupiter Beauty Academy may admit as a student any person who is above the age of compulsory school attendance in the state of Massachusetts unless the school has written assurance from the enrollee's parent, guardian, or principal of the school attended that the pursuit of the course would not be detrimental to the enrollee's regular school work.

Prospective Student Criteria:

  • 1) Applicants must be at least 16 years of age for the Cosmetology, Aesthetics, or the Nail Technology program.  For the Massage Therapy program, you must be 18 of age.
  • 2) Possess a valid Social Security ID
  • 3) Personal Identification with proof of age
  • 4) In addition, all applicants must meet one of the following educational criteria:
    • a. Possess a high school diploma, or its equivalents, such as a transcript showing completion, or a certificate of attainment certified/verified by the high school's state or other recognized agency.
    • b. For those students who did not complete a high school diploma or its equivalent and are beyond the age of compulsory education, they are given the opportunity to demonstrate that they have the ability to benefit (ATB) from the training offered at our institution through the following ways:
    • Before enrollment, the applicant must be able to successfully pass an aptitude test provided by Wonderlic Inc, measuring the student's ability to benefit from the program;

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